Why TETchain?

TETchain is supply chain system over the blockchain, aims to extract commercial value from the Desnterlize Ledger Technology, with more security, transparency and efficiency for the defrens type of business and interprises. TETchain is Trust Network integrated with the internet of value blockchain.

Product Story

Know the Product DNA and the processing details, where come from also know the deffrent entities though the supply chain network TETchain is Trust Network in complex supply chain systems.






Blockchain is best tools to hold and secure the data immutable and securely, available for every one. Recording is complicated part, by using TETchain record keeping and provenance tracking now available for the supply chain participant.

Track & Trace

Using TETchain you can track your product, you can monitor the product journey from the origin along the way to your store, also TETchain provide other valuable information about product shipping conditions " colling, temp and humidity"


Verified provenance data, basically blockchain is a way of ordering and verifying transactions, TETchain allows multiple parties transact, all the transactions are recorded date, time, etc. Also TETchain enables participants to verify and upload there certificates.


Improve supply chain security using blockchain with immutable features controlled by algorithm and consesus. TETchain is blockchain for supply chain systems. There is lack of transparency in ocurrent supply chain system, TETchain Wil addresse this issue, the immutable nature of TETchain designed to prevent tempering changing the data in secure manner.